A Brand New (and Massive) Crytpo
Opportunity Eight Years in the Making

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Less than a decade ago, a Weiss Ratings executive and his friend had 200 Bitcoins stored on a small pen drive. Back then, it was a tiny grubstake barely worth a nice lunch for four.

Today, the contents of that pen drive are worth more than $2 million.

A few years later, a Weiss analyst explained the amazing future of Bitcoin to a relatively small group of readers. If each reader had bought just one Bitcoin each, they could have made over $278 million in profits collectively.

But in January 2018, when Weiss Ratings first launched its Weiss Crypto Ratings, it gave Bitcoin a C+, warning investors NOT to buy.

Bitcoin lovers were livid. They wanted founder Martin Weiss’s head on a stake. They even mounted a cyberattack on the Weiss Ratings website.

As it turned out, Weiss Ratings was right. Bitcoin crashed, and investors who heeded their warning avoided massive losses.

So, it wasn’t long before observers changed their tune about Weiss Ratings.

The Crypto Daily Gazette wrote “Weiss Ratings are carrying out the most respected … cryptocurrency ratings in the world.”

Forbes, the Motley Fool, CNBC and scores of others recognized the importance of the Weiss Crypto Ratings. Then …

At the End of 2018 Bear Market,
Weiss Was Right Again!

The day was December 11, 2018. Bitcoin was about to touch bottom. And with a single tweet to tens of thousands of followers, Weiss Ratings made history again.

They were the only research organization to precisely pinpoint the end of the Bitcoin crash.

And the news went viral.

Bitcoin News wrote, “Weiss Ratings Declares Now Best Time to Buy Bitcoin.”

Coin Intel News announced that Weiss Ratings “called the bottom.”

And all over the world, blogs reported that, for the first time since it launched its crypto ratings, Weiss had just turned bullish on Bitcoin.

Sure enough, on December 15, just four days after Weiss declared the bottom in Bitcoin, Bitcoin did precisely what Weiss said it would. It hit bottom.

The great Bitcoin bear market of 2018 ended.

A new Bitcoin bull market began.

And within six months, investors who bought Weiss Rating’s top-rated coins could have made a not-so-small fortune. Cardano and Ethereum more than tripled in value. Litecoin investors made more than five times their money. Binance Coin skyrocketed 8-fold.

Why Weiss Crypto Ratings
Are So Accurate

The Weiss track record is not just about timing the markets. Whether the market is moving up, down or sideways, the Weiss Crypto Ratings are designed to help investors do two things:

  1. Build wealth consistently by investing only in the best coins.
  2. Reduce risk consistently by avoiding the worst coins.

Trouble is, a lot of the information you get about cryptocurrencies is bought and paid for by the very same people who create or issue them. That’s a form of payola.

But since it was founded in 1971, Weiss Ratings has never taken a dime from the entities it rates.

Unlike ratings agencies like Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch, Weiss Ratings has never received — and will never accept — compensation from any rated entity.

Its sole revenue source is from the sale of its ratings and research to consumers, investors, and other end users.

That’s why Esquire wrote “Weiss is the only [rating agency] with no conflicts of interest.”

And it’s probably why the Crypto Daily Gazette wrote that the Weiss Ratings provides “the most respected cryptocurrency ratings in the world.”

All Weiss ratings are based on objective computer models driven by complex algorithms with large volumes of data, excluding each analyst’s personal opinion from the process.

As a result, all crypto coins and tokens are always treated with complete objectivity and fairness. No hype. No B.S.

Moreover ….

Now, It’s Even Easier
(and More Profitable) to
Use Weiss Crypto Ratings

Most investors around the world get the Weiss Crypto Ratings second hand. They read about them on blogs. They hear about ratings changes from internet friends, typically after a long delay.

And they don’t have the opportunity to actually USE the Weiss Crypto Ratings to make money — let alone reduce the risks they’re taking.

Now, you can do better — much, much better. With Weiss Crypto Ratings Platinum, you can get …

  • Complete, instant access: All the Weiss Crypto Ratings at your fingertips, instantly, in real time.
  • Ten times more coverage: Not only the ratings on 100-plus protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also ratings on more than 1,000 tokens, commonly called “ICOs.” In the past, most have been failures. But today, there are a select few that merit higher ratings and could make investors not-so-small fortunes.
  • Custom watchlist. Create and maintain a watchlist or personal portfolio tailored to your individual needs, each containing an unlimited number of coins or tokens among the 1,200 we cover.
  • Instant ratings alerts. For any of the 1,200 coins or tokens you add to watchlist, you can elect to receive an email alert as soon as a coin or token is upgraded or downgraded.
  • New coins. Exclusive in-depth reviews on new coins covered — plus updates — in your inbox every Thursday afternoon. A select few could be the Bitcoin, Ethereum or EOS of the future; and you will be among the first to learn about them.
  • Special reports on demand (coming soon). Create and download a complete, up-to-date, one-page report on any of the 1,100-plus coins and tokens we cover. As often as you want, whenever you want.
  • Weiss crypto screener. Use this tool to create a portfolio of coins or tokens that meet your own personal specifications.
  • Weiss compare tool. Trying to choose among a handful of best-performing coins to buy? Select up to five coins. Then, use this power tool to compare the critical details of each, side by side.

Save a Fortune and
MAKE a Fortune

The Weiss Crypto Ratings could have helped investors save a fortune in 2018 … and then make a fortune in 2019.

Now, with a new crypto bull market now in full swing …

With the opportunity to make thousands of dollars with just a single Bitcoin in weeks or even days …

With even greater opportunities in Weiss Ratings’ highest-rated altcoins that can often greatly outperform Bitcoin …

And with the continuing risk of sharp corrections or even crashes …

Many high-net-worth investors have paid hundreds per month for crypto ratings and research.

But we firmly believe the Weiss Crypto Ratings — plus the wealth of research and tools that come with them — should be available to everyone.

Not just investors that are already Bitcoin millionaires.

Not just those who can spend hundreds of dollars per month without blinking an eye.

And certainly not limited to crypto-savvy folks who understand the technical jargon.

It’s with this in mind that we have created Weiss Crypto Ratings Platinum.

We want every on-demand Weiss Crypto report you download, every customized alert we send you, every personal portfolio you create to help you make more money. And we want it all to very accessible price-wise.

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That way …

You will never be charged for something you’re not using or don’t want any more. And you’ll be able to lock in the $39 rate for as long as you want.

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